Thursday, January 1, 2009

more creating!!

Did this the other night, but internet wasn't working to good on my Laptop so I couldn't upload it...
These are some pics I took of my girlfriend Erin and her son Jaxon...
Anyway, some updates for you all...
I have good news and "bad" news...
The good news is our first turkey turned out totally awesome!! For those of  you who don't actually know me, turkey is my very favorite food, it isn't just the turkey itself but the family and laughter that goes with it, I love it!!
SO I was a little concerned that cooking it may pose a problem, it may be just me but sometimes when I spend a day cooking something, the smell gets imbedded in my body and then I can't eat it... if that makes sense This mostly only happens when I make soups, which I really enjoy making bt end up giving away cause I can't eat it after I made it.
Well the bad news... It happened with my turkey... I made it, smelt it all day, could hardly wait to dig into in, and COULDN'T I was so sad....
even the next day I tried eating left overs, and still couldn't stomach it!
it was only the day after that I was able to enjoy a small bit!
Thankfully Mark didn't have this problem and very much enjoyed turkey dinner and the left overs to follow as did the rest of my family that came to dinner at the house. 
Oh one other odd thing, somehow, I made KFC gravy, you wouldn't be able to take the difference, it tasted exactly like KFC gravy... very weird!!!!!
Wishing all a Happy New Year, and thank you so much for all the well wishes sent to me on the comments!!
ALso for those of you that finally took a look at your camera manual, well done!!!!!!
take care


Lindsay Spencer said...

Great layout!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I really relied on everyones prayers and comments to get me through those last 2 weeks. I sure appreciate every single one.

Happy New Year!

Traci said...

Great layout! The pictures are so cute.

Tessa said...

Great layout really cool looking! Sorry about the turkey~

Louise Forsyth said...

poor you not enjoying your turkey! Next time you will have to go out and get your BF to do all the
Lovely layout and the pictures are stunning

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