Saturday, April 19, 2008

photoshop Elements!

Started my second photography class, and loving it...
Photoshop for photographers it is called.
The first call we learned how to clone, remove small lines and blemishes, as well as repair old photos, so fun!!
after I was done the class I quickly came home and wanted to play, I don't have the program we use in school, as it is over $1000.00 so please note that my results may not be perfect, yet so fun!
here are a few before and afters!Before


these are two of my scrapbooking girlfriends, don't they look hot!



This is one of my clients Jenn.... she is so beautiful!

take care, will post more before/afters as I learn more tricks!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

these are the seven pics used for my final exam in photography...
this little guy is so cute I just love him! However he knows it so is trouble with a capital "T"
I have a few more pics to post but sadly can't seem to find them right now...
how sad!!
happy blogging

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