Monday, December 25, 2006

Morning Morning to my very small group of viewer, I am trying to play quietly until my honey gets up so we can open pressies and share christmas morning together. we spent last night with his mom and sister, had a lovely time, ate lots, but was really tired. today we will have some of our own christmas time then go to my moms for the "big celebration" there should be around 20 family and friends there, tons of turkey(my fav!!) and alot of paper flying around. My neice is now two and what a joy it is to have a young one around at christmas, her smiles make my day! I love her!!! was really happy the way my card for the inlaws turned out... here it is , the picture doesn't do it justice. but hopefully they liked it. anywho, time to get ready for a very busy day. Merry Christmas to al and to all a safe and happy night.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

more pics from my xmas with daddy

here are a few pics of the tree and some of my favorite decorations... I love christmas.

presents presents everywhere!!!

these are a few pics of xmas with my daddy and step mom debbie. Debbie, the lady in the vest made a wonderful turkey dinner with all of the fixings, it was wonderful. My niece who is now two, very much enjoyed opening "Yma Pressies" it was so heart warming, I can't wait for the big day! these pics are of my dad, Boyfriend Emil, and my uncle donald, the next pic is my dad Craig(brother) and Yma(pronouced Eema) this is yma with her mom and dad opening up her "own pressies" more pics to follow, can only upload a few at a time

more card pics...

this is the awesome card my friend Jackie made for me, I totally love it, so I thought I would post it for the world to see... well done Jac-o-latern!!! :) I sold off a bunch of my retired sets and she bought a few, this card was made from one of those sets, she sure is creative! ok, trying to turn all my pics before I post them, this seems to take a really long time!!! look forward to seeing some fun xmas pics, as well as a little pressie I got in the mail from Stampin UP for xmas... so cool! smiles Laura

almost time!!!

these are the cards I made to giv emy friends, being that I am cat crazy I thought it worked!! been working my butt of "but" just had a no show so i am able to post a few of my lastest creations, xmas pics to follow. smiles Laura

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

need to sleep!

It is 1am, I start work in 7 hours and I can't sleep, could be the bag of choclate I just ate???? I have a crazy busy week ahead of me and only because my body knows that I will be up all night and tired all day, coffee.... good got some cards made today, but can't add them as I am sitting in my room in the dark on the lap top trying not to wake honey... darn, he wakes, night Laura

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

my first swap...

not sure how many readers I really have but on I go. I signed up for my very first swap this month, not sure why I felt I needed another project this holiday season, but now that I am done I am happy. I had to make 14 cards for this swap, which I will hope to send out tomorrow. let me know what you think. I also got a great pic of my oldest hanging out, her name is Mady. she is five years old and the love of my life. I admit I am a very proud mommy. ok just so I am fair I tried taking a pic of my youngest as well, he, however wasn't feeling as photogenic. Laura

Monday, December 4, 2006

45 and counting

I am so excited I have sold 45 cards now(at $3.00 ea. just incase you are wondering) had a crazy weekend of sleep and stomach issues. starting to finally feel better, been organizing my craft room, got a great deal on some new shelving at a store going out of town. see pics. I also finally got some new storage for my stamp pads will post pics soon... had my stamping ten yesterday and my craft room has taken the beating so cleaning again... it is an endless battle. but I LOVE IT!!! hope everyone is well.

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