Friday, October 31, 2008

Sad... But true!

Sadly I have no new creations to show off for you all today, SOrry! However I do plan on making it up to you all this weekend... Tomorrow bright and early I am going on a "crop and Crawl" put on by the wonderful and talented Allison Orthner!!! So is a fabulous photographer, scrapbooker and really human being, LOVE HER!!! Anyway, we are all meeting up, getting on buses and touring all the scrapbooking stores in Calgary, then we stop for a bite to eat, and off to scrapbook the night away!! Sound like fun??? I think so!!
Anyway, I should (hopefullY) get a bit a scrapbooking done, so you can all see my latest creations then.
Also on a more personal note, today was a very big anniversary of sorts for me...
Two years ago today, I finally was excepting of a condition I had(have) called Alopecia. An autoimmune condition, were for no reason your hair falls out...For two years I lived with out a single hair on my WHOLE(yes whole) body... Two years ago today, I dressed up as "Uncle Fester" from the adams family... For those of you not aware of his character, he is a stocky bald very pale, dark eyed dude... and answer the door to hand out candy like that!! A very big step for me... Now two years later my hair is BACK... and to celebrate I went for my very first full blown hair cut, color, and highlight.... I was nervous to be honest!! Anyway, Lisa at In Style, did a FABULOUS job and made this day extra special... thank you Lisa!!!
Here's hoping it will be one of Many fabulous Hairstyles....
I will post a few pics tomorrow, once I find someone to take them!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

i've been creating!!!

Hey all my wonderful followers,
wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has taken time out of there busy lives to read and comment on my blog... It makes my day!
I created these while relaxing in bed the last few nights...
they are both digital pages, of my puppies Maggie and Jake and there very proud father, my honey Mark...
Hope this finds everyone well, I had a busy but great day today. I am lucky enough to still have both a mom and a grandma still alive, so the three generations went to A&W for lunch, not fancy by any means, but a very rare event... I am blessed!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a few more cards!!

Here are my latest creations... the embossing is done by using tin foil in your cuttlebug, I loved the look!!!
The xmas ball card was a designed by my friend Shari, i loved it!! I added a little Laura touch, but she can up with the ideas!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


today was a beautiful day...
sun shinning bright, and all is well. the Baptism went very well, thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes!! Here are a few pics of this blessed event!!  Afterward I went over to my friends and made some more cards, I plan on scanning them tomorrow so I can post them for your viewing pleasure.
all in all a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

hello my faithful readers...

Up way to late almost 1am calgary time. Had a busy day worked  from 10am to 12am... wow 14hours, clearly I must like what I do. Tomorrow I get to put on my photographers hat, and shoot a baptism, honestly I am really nervous, it will be my first baptism and I am not sure what the rules are for taking pictures in a church, what you are and aren't allowed to do....
However, after that I am going over to my friend Shari's to scrapbook, so that will be a nice calm after my stressful morning!! I will post pics of both the baptism and my creations when I get home!! for now I will look for a few pics to dazzle my sweet, thoughtful readers!!!!
The first picture is of my BF Mark and our two Puppies Jake and Maggie out in Radium BC the second is just of him and his handsome face, He is just finished his third year electrical schooling and did so awesome I am totally proud of him, we had a group of friends over to celebrate last night, tons of fun!!
the last pic is of my fathers view at his home in Radium, must be rough... please note that I have played with it a bit, using photoshop, not the best pic, but fun to mess with colors and such!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

so... what do you think?

Hey Ladies,
as some may have noticed I have been "trying on" different Headers for my blog! Made this Fall one this morning, think it may be the winner, what do you think? What I was thinking of doing is doing one for each season here in Calgary... We don't have typical seasons here, the weather is a bit odd to say the least... but getting some neat pics to capture the seasonal changes we do have may be nice...
The saying here is "if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes" and this is so true!!!
Calgary weather can change 10-15 degrees in a heart beat... we also get things called 
"chinooks" Not only is it a great mall here, but also a weather phenomenon where a warm wind blows in over the mountains and we can go from freezing winter temps to suntanning weather in just a few  hours, what a nice way to have a break from the cold weather that we are known for!!!!
Hope to make some more Xmas cards today, if I get some done I will post them tonight, however have a crazy work day ahead of me!!!
Have a great day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

had some free time!!

Hey all.
thanks to everyone who has been taking time out of there busy day to read/ look at my blog!
Had some free time today so was able to work on a few cards, here are a few for your viewing pleasure!!
hope you like them!
will wrote more in a wee while!!
take care

a lovely weekend!!

Hello Readers,
Had a busy but good weekend, was thrilled however to spend all last night working on more cards, made some really cute ones that I hold to have a chance to scan so I can show off all my latest creations, Have even been lucky enough to see a few of my cards, How flattering!
I am posting this pic as a special hug and thank goodness, this little dude made it safe and sound out of the hospital today, he went in for an operation a few days ago, to have a clef pallet repaired, and did great!! 
hugs and love to you and your Mommy!!!
way to be a strong little dude and an even stronger MOMMY!
love you both  
Hope this finds everyone well, will post some more pics tomorrow!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some cards I have been making....

Hey all, sorry about the head turning with these cards, but scanning them four at a time seemed the best way to make then all on one posting... Most of these cards are done useing "peel Off" outline stickers from "paperpast times" in Calgary Alberta Canada a very cute little store in the SW. anyway, you peel them off and put them on water color paper, then color them in lightest to darkest with "tombo" marker, then blend the colors together with a watercolor brush and a light amount of water... cut them out and make card as usual!!! These "peel Off" stickers are very hard to find, and I have only ever seem them at Paper past times... a little pricey for sure, but what a great effect!! ok, I am off to Paperpast times to get some more supplies and work on some more cards! take care

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Neffu(Nephew)... Veggo

wanted to introduce you all to my Nephew, 
Reverend Veggo Jorge Caesar Soby... quite the handle, for such a little dude! But with his jeans I am sure he will grow into in fine. The call him Veggo, But in my world I call him "Neffu"
Born Oct 15th 2008
Love you all ready little dude!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my latest creation!!

this is a LO I did of my friend lindsays son Jackson.... we went walking at fish creek park by my house.... how cute watching him stomp through the leaves.....

what fun we will have!!!!!!

Finally it has arrived!!!
I am so excited, I have signed up with Silpada an awesome sterling silver jewellery company, and my awesome kit just arrived!!!
Feel free to contact me or look on my silpada web site for more info!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A special thank you!!!!!

Hey to all my loyal readers... are there any out there????
wanted to send out a quick thank you to my client and friend Teryl how created my invoices and business cards for "Soul Photography" they LOOK FABuLOUS!!!!!
I couldn't be happier!
Her and her hubby started there own printing company a few years ago and haven't looked back since, what a great job she does!!!!
here is a copy of her business card just incase you are in need of some printing:
Well that is all for now, hope to post more tonight perhaps!
Going on a fun girly weekend, so should have a few black mail photos to display when I get home!!!
take care

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh.... I created something!!

this is a LO I created the other day while waiting for my class to start, I was near school so I thought I would just hang out and play on the computer until class started!
What do you think of my creation!


It isn't often that we are blessed with a lovely fall season...
However this year has been totally beautiful so with that in mind I got out and took some pics... The pups and I met Lindsay and her totally awesome little dude Jackson for a walk around fish creek park!!!
what a treat!
here are a few pics of our adventure!

what I am singing this week!

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My wonderful visitors!!!