Friday, November 28, 2008

looking for a blue speedo!!

I really did try to find a pic with a blue speedo in it, however, thankfully not that easy to find!!!
So in loo of that I thought it only made sense to use Allison to teach Allisons lesson!!
Now the people in the background of this first photo aren't wearing blue speedos but certainly could have been as we were on a cruise ship
Also put on by Allison Orthner the goddess of most things creative!! (wow I should get paid for all this advertising!! tee hee)
Ok enough shameless plugs for allison!!
The people in the background are not in blue speedos but they also weren't invited to be in this picture so in this case they are the "blue speedos"
Does that make sense???
Ok hopefully my explainatoin made some sense, and will make Allison proud(see I was listening)
well that is all for now... if I find more pics I am sure to keep up loading, need to make up for my absense this week!

It's friday ladies...

First I wanted to point out that I learned how to add music to my blog today, go me!!!
Ok, Friday photography tip of the day time!!
When taking pictures don't forget the curtains, Curtains you ask??
YES, just like we put curtains on our windows to center a window, and draw your eye in, photography can be the very same way!!
When looking into or on your view finder be mindful of what is framing your picture. In a perfect world it is always nice to have your picture framed, so it draws your eyes into the subject...
weither it be trees, with branches that gentlly fall to the side, or literal frames, like door ways and things like that. When trying to add framing to your pics be mindful of two things, that you get the whole "frame" into the pic and as 'Allison Orthner' would say
"watch out for blue speedos!"
What is a blue speedo you ask??? Well that is best answered by her, however the short version would be...
A blue speedo is anything in the background or foreground of your photo that you don't want in it or just wasn't invited!! Like the man walking along the beach in his blue speedo while you are trying to take a great sunset photo!!
Notice how I have "framed" these two pics...

oh, bad blogger!!!

Hello my sweet lovely readers,
so sorry for my MIA status, not sure what my excuse is other than a lack of things to post!
I have a date night with my bf tomorrow and am totally looking forward to it, we sort of met, and that was that, we never really dated, he moved in almost right away, and we sort of just fit. ANyway, he went and booked time off for me, and informed me we are going on a date, how romantic, I asked him if he was going to pick me up/drop me off, kiss me goodnight and open all doors for me, and he giggled and said... "ya ok!!"
then I have a very easy weekend, no side jobs, no stress, may even get my house cleaned, ok who am I kicking there is far to much crafting to me done for that!!!
Ok HELP...
need some gift ideas for a distant friend of mine who has been so supportive in my photography, helping me with words of advice when ever asked and supporting me all the way.
the problem is she lives out of town so it is something I would be snail mailing to her....
any thoughts???
she is a scrapbooker as well...
a wife
a mom
and an awesome Photographer, she is the person who inspired me to get into this craft!!
and the crazy thing is we have only ever met once... would you do all that for someone you didn't know, not many would, but she did!!!
what do you give someone like that, some one who gives so selflessly???
well if she lived closer she would get a HUG for sure...
and more thank you' than I can hold!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

for those keeping track...

I thought I would send a quick update for those keeping track of my weight loss highs and lows...
I have been doing my best to eat ask many fruits and veggies as possible, however, since learning about the great "timmy" disappontment I have had two tim Hortons coffees... I know, bad Laura!!
I seem to do great in the day, then at night after Mark goes to bed, it all goes downhill... Fast!!
I think I have now eaten all of the crap food out of my kitchen so I hope this week will go smoother!
I haven't weighted myself yet tho, why.... well I think if I weigh my self and I have lost weight I will think I can cheat and if I weigh myself and I haven't lost any, then I will be disappointed and binge... does this make sense???
ANYway, I may "weigh In" tomorrow as that will be my two week mark since starting this dreading idea of dieting!!!
Now on a positive note I did walk on the tredmill three times this week, and took the pups for a few mini walks as well... well to be honest Maggie takes me for a walk by escaping, and making me chase her around the block, cute puppy, good think or I could kill her sometimes!!! but how could you be mad at that face!!!
what a cookie!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF time for some tips!!

Hello my Sweet "friends"Here is your fridays photography tip of the day....
This is a simple one, but something we forget to do....
When taking pictures of small things, kids, pets ect... get down to there level and see life through their eyes...
We know what life looks like from were we see it, so why not go on your knees or even lie down and see how they see it... (remember tip number one and get close to your subject!)
This will add all sorts of new interest to subjects we take pictures of everyday...
here is an example of this....
first pic is from my from an adults view....
The next one is from "Maggie's" eyes so we see into them and look at her from her height...
hope this helps!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

See, I didn't forget!!

Hello My dear sweet awesome readers,
as promised here are some pics of my LO's I did Saturday at the Jingle Bell Crop!!!
Would love to stay and chat, but allowed myself a Tim Hortons coffee today, only if I get my Butt on the tredmill, so here I go, begrudgingly....
will post again perhaps before bed!!!
Hope everyone had a great Tuesday....

What a night!!!!!!!!l

Had an awesome night at school, learned some new tricks, how to "paint with Light" so cool!! 
here are a few pics... just so you know we only had two models....
One girl and one guy!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

JIngle all the way!!!!!!

Here a just a few pics from the awesome event I went to yesterday put on my Monday Night Class  These girls, there husbands and families worked there BUTTS off  to make it a fabulous success!!!
There were three stores you could shop at, "Monday Night Class", "Paper pasttimes" and "Scrapbook Pantry", classes to take, make and takes, and all sorts of products
demos... It was fun!
We got all our meals for the day, TONS of free giveaways, tons of room to scrapbook, even homemade Carrot cake... they were even kind enough to realize food allergies and restrictions. Pour Carol of paper pasttimes, broke her arm and still managed to show up and keep us all in line!! she is so funny!!
 For those of you who have not heard of MNC, they have an awesome business for scrapbookers of all levels... Classes in a bag, you take home, and create, learn new things, all in the comport of your own home. Cindy also happens to be the face behind, the Bloomin Inn's awesome Alberta scrapbooking retreats!!! I highly recommend you check all of these great companies out....
Ok will post pics of my "creations" 
when I get home from shopping... arg!!!s

Friday, November 14, 2008

I failed... but enjoyed it!

I failed... had a great day, walk on the tredmill (go me)  followed my points like a good little girl, and even ate a bowl full of veggies, and all the fun that goes along with that... 
then My dear sweet BF Mark says, why don't we have Anniversary Pizza...
Well.... I really am trying to be good!! I say, but then give in, If  I order it will you eat it?? he asks???
YA.... I loves the pizza... 
failed the ww today, but tomorrow should be a better day!
However should also be filled with creativity, going on a scrapbooking thing but on by "monday night class" check these girls out(find link on my site) they are awesome!!!!
Ok gotta be up early, Painter is coming.... tee hee hee can't wait!!!
smiles to all

TGIF tip day!!!

Hello ladies, thanks for stopping by... first a few people have asked how I did the picture of my brother... PHOTOSHOP!!! one of my favorite words in the English language!! I am a photoshop junkie, I am not the best at it for sure, but love playing!!! Also, if there is a tip you are wanting to know more about, either photography or photoshop post a comment and I will do what I can to answer it for you(I don't know all the answers that's for sure but I can always find them out!!) Ok todays tip.... Now that you have gotten a bit closer to your 'subject' Its time to consider picture orientation... Landscape? Or Portrait? This may seem like an obvious one but alot of people forget to turn there camera... when you take pics of people it is best to have your camera vertical... why?? well for one it helps you get the whole subject in, as well as having the closest distance between the subject and your camera. Also, it makes your subject look skinnier!!!! And who wouldn't want that.... another way to keep everyone looking there best is to make sure that the people you are photographing are not standing straight on to the camera, if they stand at an angle, the will look taller, and slimmer... and as I am about to take a pic of any woman I always say "Boobs out tummy in" Not only does it make you look slimmer but generally will make people laugh or at least smile, a much more 'real' smile then if I just "say cheese" Now taking Horizon or landscape pics... keep your camera horizontal. be mindful of a straight horizon line(don't want drunk photos) as well for interest, try not to center your horizon... choose what you want the pic of, and focus on that... landscape important(nice fall day, lovely colors) then why have half of a dull sky... OR if you have a beautiful sun set/rise why get the dark dead grass or trees in the photo!!

Ok the rule breaker(there is always one) if you want to take a person with a background of say... disney land castle, how do you hold your camera?? Either way will work, however the thing to be mindful of is to keep your human close to you, then have as much distance between them and the 'castle' as you can... so you get lots of detail of the person, and there reaction to where ever they are. As well as the whole story behind them. not just the door of the castle but the whole castle.....

In the first photo we know there is a little person on a bike... however, we really can't see who it is, or weither or not they are having a good time....

now if I turn my camera I get closer up, and can see the details of this totally adorable little lady... and her excitement with her new bike!!

Ok, on this pic you really can't tell what i am taking the pic of... sort of boring, no clear idea of what is important or the beauty and length of the horizon line....

In this pic it is clear that what I am trying to capture....beautiful endless horizon, as the sunsets, leaving LA...

Ok ladies that is all I have for you today, hope it help!!!

Happy shooting!!!


OH... Timmy!!!

well it has been two days, I long for your creamy taste, with a hint of sweet joy on my lips....
Sniff sniff sniff... 
Until we meet again, I rest here and dream....
Today, I was good all day, didn't eat anything I shouldn't of...
being good is no fun!!!!
OK... enough silliness, on a happy Note Mark and I are celebrating our one year tomorrow, a year and we haven't killed each other yet, I think that is quite an accomplishment... (hey I spelt it right, there is another one!)
Sadly I am working all night, so we won't get to celebrate... perhaps maybe sunday... Busy weekend ahead!!!
Oh and one last little bitty of news, I am so excited I am getting my work room painted on saturday... California Lilac, sort of a periwinkle color... will post pics once it is done!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!
ok, until tomorrow... Goodnight!!
"TUNE in" for my Friday photography tip of the week!! 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

been playing...

Well managed to avoid the timmies today, but was attacked, yes attacked, by the halloween candy... ten mini chocolate bars later... ten for ten points tho, really is a great deal!!! tee hee
Ok so I think we will start tomorrow... did great till I got home and saw the box O chocolate.
Will kick some CALORIES tomorrow!!!
Until then, here is a little something I created while resting....
This is a pic of my Brother...
night for now

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mystery revealed!!!

On a personal note....
I did something very silly yesterday and stepped on the scale, to my extreme horror, I hit a new HIGH.... the top of all the tops!!!(for me) I won't get into the details of that but thought today would be a good day to start making sm
arter choices, shall I say....
Anyway, I had always had really good luck in the past with WW so I thought I would try and keep an eye on my points and see how it goes. Was doing well until one of my clients brought me my fav, a tim hortons coffee, extra large double double... and it was so good. So that got me thinking, I wonder how many ww points a coffee like this would be, to my complete horror, I just looked it up....
For those of you who don't know about WW, you are allow a certain number of points depending on your age, sex, height, activity level... ect. and each food has a point value, count your points loose the weight...
I am allowed 18points for my day (I am short, sit all day and am a girl with very little activity, the 
worst combination...)
Ok back to the coffee.... are you ready???
7 points for my coffee
Oh but wait it gets worse, when I am extra lucky I get one of those totally awesome breakfast sandwiches(cheese, egg, sausage, Oh and I put ketchup on it)
Those little bites of yumminess     
13 points....
total 20points for my breakfast favorite!!
this is something I would say I have more than weekly and at times, more than daily, at least for the coffee....
Gee... wonder why I have put on 20+ pounds, could anyone help me solve this mystery!!
ARG!! I hang my head down in shame!! 
guess I need to really think weather that yummy hot, sweet, creamy coffee is werth... OH say 8hours on a tredmill...
a sad day for coffee drinkers everywhere!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

ok, final cards for the evening!!!

Heading off to go have a bath, and spend some time with my Sick BF pour guy has been sick forover a week...
and here I am creating all night... Bad GF!!!
Oh well, had a great day, My roomie even came up to play with me for a while, and she brought wine!! Go roomie!!!
Night for now
with a smile

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