Monday, January 19, 2009

I got Bumped!!!

By my blogger group... I have been a part of a blogging group for the last few months, and have done my best to "follow the rules" but it seems, I have failed, and thus, got kicked out! Sadly, they didn't even take the time to tell me why... Sort of hurts my feeling, other then the last week or so I think I am very present on here, and those of you that know me personally know that I have had alot on my plate lately.... Hence why I hadn't been on here... Anyway, on to bigger things I guess! Been taking a ton of pics lately, and will post the results here in the next day or two... wishing everyone a good day! Laura


thescrapmaster said...

Sorry girl. I bumped you because although you left comments for members this last 2 week span, I had rarely received comments from you in the past 4ish months. AND I had 3 other members say the same thing to me in private. We all have lots going on so I totally understand not having the time to post weekly comments, but that is part of being in the group. You will be missed and I still have you on my followers because I very much enjoy your photography.

thescrapmaster said...

Oh, and I would have totally given you an explanation if you had asked me. I was sad to see you posted here rather than just ask me.

Melzie said...

Hey, just so you know- I bumped myself. Drama sucks. ;)

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