Friday, November 14, 2008

TGIF tip day!!!

Hello ladies, thanks for stopping by... first a few people have asked how I did the picture of my brother... PHOTOSHOP!!! one of my favorite words in the English language!! I am a photoshop junkie, I am not the best at it for sure, but love playing!!! Also, if there is a tip you are wanting to know more about, either photography or photoshop post a comment and I will do what I can to answer it for you(I don't know all the answers that's for sure but I can always find them out!!) Ok todays tip.... Now that you have gotten a bit closer to your 'subject' Its time to consider picture orientation... Landscape? Or Portrait? This may seem like an obvious one but alot of people forget to turn there camera... when you take pics of people it is best to have your camera vertical... why?? well for one it helps you get the whole subject in, as well as having the closest distance between the subject and your camera. Also, it makes your subject look skinnier!!!! And who wouldn't want that.... another way to keep everyone looking there best is to make sure that the people you are photographing are not standing straight on to the camera, if they stand at an angle, the will look taller, and slimmer... and as I am about to take a pic of any woman I always say "Boobs out tummy in" Not only does it make you look slimmer but generally will make people laugh or at least smile, a much more 'real' smile then if I just "say cheese" Now taking Horizon or landscape pics... keep your camera horizontal. be mindful of a straight horizon line(don't want drunk photos) as well for interest, try not to center your horizon... choose what you want the pic of, and focus on that... landscape important(nice fall day, lovely colors) then why have half of a dull sky... OR if you have a beautiful sun set/rise why get the dark dead grass or trees in the photo!!

Ok the rule breaker(there is always one) if you want to take a person with a background of say... disney land castle, how do you hold your camera?? Either way will work, however the thing to be mindful of is to keep your human close to you, then have as much distance between them and the 'castle' as you can... so you get lots of detail of the person, and there reaction to where ever they are. As well as the whole story behind them. not just the door of the castle but the whole castle.....

In the first photo we know there is a little person on a bike... however, we really can't see who it is, or weither or not they are having a good time....

now if I turn my camera I get closer up, and can see the details of this totally adorable little lady... and her excitement with her new bike!!

Ok, on this pic you really can't tell what i am taking the pic of... sort of boring, no clear idea of what is important or the beauty and length of the horizon line....

In this pic it is clear that what I am trying to capture....beautiful endless horizon, as the sunsets, leaving LA...

Ok ladies that is all I have for you today, hope it help!!!

Happy shooting!!!



thescrapmaster said...

TGIF!! Great tip! Keep em coming!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'm learning a lot from you.

The sunset picture is beautiful.


The Mama Monkey said...

ROTFL! I love Boobs out Tummies in!!! That is great!

Thanks for the tips! Can't wait for next week!

gale said...

Great tips. thanks!

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