Friday, November 28, 2008

oh, bad blogger!!!

Hello my sweet lovely readers,
so sorry for my MIA status, not sure what my excuse is other than a lack of things to post!
I have a date night with my bf tomorrow and am totally looking forward to it, we sort of met, and that was that, we never really dated, he moved in almost right away, and we sort of just fit. ANyway, he went and booked time off for me, and informed me we are going on a date, how romantic, I asked him if he was going to pick me up/drop me off, kiss me goodnight and open all doors for me, and he giggled and said... "ya ok!!"
then I have a very easy weekend, no side jobs, no stress, may even get my house cleaned, ok who am I kicking there is far to much crafting to me done for that!!!
Ok HELP...
need some gift ideas for a distant friend of mine who has been so supportive in my photography, helping me with words of advice when ever asked and supporting me all the way.
the problem is she lives out of town so it is something I would be snail mailing to her....
any thoughts???
she is a scrapbooker as well...
a wife
a mom
and an awesome Photographer, she is the person who inspired me to get into this craft!!
and the crazy thing is we have only ever met once... would you do all that for someone you didn't know, not many would, but she did!!!
what do you give someone like that, some one who gives so selflessly???
well if she lived closer she would get a HUG for sure...
and more thank you' than I can hold!!


fishlips said...

Take one of your wonderful pictures for her and put it in a nice frame...I Think that would be a perfect gift!!!
Maybe even make the picture of yourself with a thank- you tag attached!!!!

The Mama Monkey said...

I would make a photobook for her, you know, like on Snapfish or something! Tell her how much she means to you. :)

Jen said...

I agree with the suggestions above. Another thought is to take your favorite photo and make note cards and send them to her. What an awesome friend you have!

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