Saturday, November 22, 2008

for those keeping track...

I thought I would send a quick update for those keeping track of my weight loss highs and lows...
I have been doing my best to eat ask many fruits and veggies as possible, however, since learning about the great "timmy" disappontment I have had two tim Hortons coffees... I know, bad Laura!!
I seem to do great in the day, then at night after Mark goes to bed, it all goes downhill... Fast!!
I think I have now eaten all of the crap food out of my kitchen so I hope this week will go smoother!
I haven't weighted myself yet tho, why.... well I think if I weigh my self and I have lost weight I will think I can cheat and if I weigh myself and I haven't lost any, then I will be disappointed and binge... does this make sense???
ANYway, I may "weigh In" tomorrow as that will be my two week mark since starting this dreading idea of dieting!!!
Now on a positive note I did walk on the tredmill three times this week, and took the pups for a few mini walks as well... well to be honest Maggie takes me for a walk by escaping, and making me chase her around the block, cute puppy, good think or I could kill her sometimes!!! but how could you be mad at that face!!!
what a cookie!!!


Libby Hickson said...

That face is way too sweet to be mad at! :D Good luck - I know what a struggle it is, I've been trying (and doing a very lousy job!) myself lately. But hang in there!! WE CAN DO IT!! Right? :D

Tessa said...

Keep working girl!!!! I have no will power at the moment so any effort at weight loss would be futile and damaging to my self esteem!

fishlips said...

You go girl go... What a sweet pup... just want to give her a little hug...I could kill mine somedays too...

thescrapmaster said...

What a cutie, you are lucky she is small! We have huskies and one used to escape every once in a while, we always found her MILES away.

Good luck losing the weight.


thescrapmaster said...

I left you a present on my blog :)


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