Friday, November 28, 2008

looking for a blue speedo!!

I really did try to find a pic with a blue speedo in it, however, thankfully not that easy to find!!!
So in loo of that I thought it only made sense to use Allison to teach Allisons lesson!!
Now the people in the background of this first photo aren't wearing blue speedos but certainly could have been as we were on a cruise ship
Also put on by Allison Orthner the goddess of most things creative!! (wow I should get paid for all this advertising!! tee hee)
Ok enough shameless plugs for allison!!
The people in the background are not in blue speedos but they also weren't invited to be in this picture so in this case they are the "blue speedos"
Does that make sense???
Ok hopefully my explainatoin made some sense, and will make Allison proud(see I was listening)
well that is all for now... if I find more pics I am sure to keep up loading, need to make up for my absense this week!


Tessa said...

Great demonstration of cropping!

fishlips said...

Ok it makes perfect sense to me....I

Louise, that's me!! said...

Took me a while but now I totally "get" blue speedos

Allison Orthner said...

Hey gorgeous! Thanks for the "call out"... you really need to post an actual blue speedo photo so people get it :) I'm looking for one as we speak... I got a new one this summer... way too funny!! I just about wet my pants capturing it... I'll try to remember to post it on my blog!

Rachel Brumley said...

Love your tips and look foward to them. I'll be waiting for the pix of the blue speedo's!!

jennifer said...

Ahhh, I get it! Keep those tips coming!

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