Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Yes Yes, new Years was wonderful...

Not normally a "party Animal" but Emil and I decided last minute to have a little party, we cleaned the house for over 8 hours to make everything look great, and it did, we were so tired and the house looked so nice we would have been thrilled to go to bed with a smile on our faces knowing we had a long hard days work with great resaults... then the door bell rang, and kept ringing, for my first party we had almost 30 people at the house half of which were kids. if only someone would of mentioned that it makes more sense to party then clean not clean then party. all in all it went great, thanks to all who came.

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Anonymous said...

I had a blast at the party, and yup, your house was immaculate!!! I was actually commenting to Jay that your house is always so clean, and it even stayed clean (for the most part) when the partiers were there.

Way to go!!!


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