Friday, December 26, 2008

friday photo tips!!

In taking a good picture, how much depends on the quality of the camera and the options it has? I've been wondering lately if my camera is limiting my photography or if I just don't know enough about how to use it!
this was a question left for me on my comments, thank you for asking....
Great question!!!!
The answer as far as I can tell is both...
I know not very helpful! You can take a great picture using a disposable camera, or a not so great picture using a fabulous camera, know how your camera works and what its limitations are.
Keep in mind that all point and shoot cameras have other settings other than "auto" try them out!
Not just the picture ones but the letter ones too. Most point and shoot camera have at least two if not three "letter" settings, I will explain the `S`setting first, next week we will move on to the other ones!!!
S- Shutter priority, this means that you pick the shutter speed and your camera pics the rest. The shutter speed is the length of time your pic is exposed to light. it is represented by a percentage of a second(confusing I know) so if your shutter speed says 60 it is really one sixtyeth of a second, the lower the number the longer your shutter is open. If shutter speed is to low you end up with over exposed (to bright ) pictures. If the shutter is too high you end up with under exposed(too dark) photos! a smaller shutter speed will help you get those cool action pics, where you see a bit a blur to show action, water running in a water fall stuff like that. A fast shutter speed is great for kids who never sit still. keep in mind that as a rule the human hand can only hold a camera still enough to go as low as 60 any lower and you are likely to get camera shake!!
what do the other ones stand for that you may have on your camera...
A- Aperture priority,
M- Manual
P- Program


Tessa said...

I just wanted to share that I finally read my camera manual!!!! I downloaded it off the net and find it easier to read that way ?!?! I learned soooooooo much! I am so excited about the possibilities of my camera!

jennifer said...

Thanks so much for answering the question, sorry I had missed this post! Great answer and I should definitely be reading my manual to learn how to use these settings better. If I'm still not too happy with the pics, maybe it will be time to look into a new camera :) Thanks so much!

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