Monday, October 20, 2008

a lovely weekend!!

Hello Readers,
Had a busy but good weekend, was thrilled however to spend all last night working on more cards, made some really cute ones that I hold to have a chance to scan so I can show off all my latest creations, Have even been lucky enough to see a few of my cards, How flattering!
I am posting this pic as a special hug and thank goodness, this little dude made it safe and sound out of the hospital today, he went in for an operation a few days ago, to have a clef pallet repaired, and did great!! 
hugs and love to you and your Mommy!!!
way to be a strong little dude and an even stronger MOMMY!
love you both  
Hope this finds everyone well, will post some more pics tomorrow!


fishlips said...

He's a little STAR... Glad his operations is over for him and his mother, Hugs to them both from me too... My children are adopted from Korea and my Daughter was born with a bone missing in her pallet and a hole, but it closed on it's own!!!

Naomi said...

Oh my goodness. What a great little guy. I hope he recovers well, and he and his mommy are both doing great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Laura!! that is a great Pic!! and of course he is a star and doing just great!! it's quite amazing how strong we are and I must say you are an inspiration!! oxoxoxoxoLinz

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