Monday, December 25, 2006

Morning Morning to my very small group of viewer, I am trying to play quietly until my honey gets up so we can open pressies and share christmas morning together. we spent last night with his mom and sister, had a lovely time, ate lots, but was really tired. today we will have some of our own christmas time then go to my moms for the "big celebration" there should be around 20 family and friends there, tons of turkey(my fav!!) and alot of paper flying around. My neice is now two and what a joy it is to have a young one around at christmas, her smiles make my day! I love her!!! was really happy the way my card for the inlaws turned out... here it is , the picture doesn't do it justice. but hopefully they liked it. anywho, time to get ready for a very busy day. Merry Christmas to al and to all a safe and happy night.

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