Thursday, September 11, 2008

well it is offical!!!

I can't tell you all how totally excited I was today when my client Teryl showed up with my new business cards, hand created by ME!!! it is official, Soul Photography is born!!!
Now all I have to do is get me some clients.....
Photography Price List My hourly rate is $65.00. For this you get me... and my camera(s) shooting as many amazing pictures as I can. (I am known to take about 100/hour) As well as either a low resolution CD of all pictures taken with NO repair or touch ups or an album of your pictures printed 4x6 with my watermark logo on them. As well as 5 prints of your choice editing to perfection! (No larger than 8x10) Once you have had a chance to go through the photos and pick the ones you want copies of I will go through and edit any imperfections, color correct them, enhance them so that they have that WOW effect and print them for you at the sizes you desire. If you decide you want extra prints for friends and family the prices are as follows: 4x6’s $5.00ea. 5x7’s $7.00ea. 8x10’s $10.00ea. 8x12’s $12.00ea 12x12’s $15.00ea. 12x18’s $25.00ea (If larger prints are needed that will be on a case by case basis.) I can also make a colleague of your pictures for you and have it printed any size you want, the price will vary depending on how elaborate you want it, and how much time it takes. Please note that by agreeing to this pricing and hiring me you are also agreeing that I am allowed to use these prints in advertising and helping build my business.
Please let me know if you are interested....

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thescrapmaster said...

That is so great! I wish you luck with your new business. I wish I was good at photography like that!


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