Wednesday, July 30, 2008

odd really....

I was giving my blogging friend Christy the gears cause I never see updates on her blog, then wouldn't ya know it I go to mine, and nothing for over two months!! lol
how bad is that!
Ok, I should mention however that I have been totally busy and totally stressed out, dealing with all sorts of family "issues" those who know me well know what they are, as well as working my tail off to afford a new camera(which I got, teehee)
Nikon D300 so sexy!! Love it!
we also got jake our puppy fixed...
got a new roommate Named Andrea
went camping...
did a very small amount of scrapbooking do to a violent case of foood poisoning, YUCK!
and have been taking pictures!!
perhaps I will show you a few of my favs!
till next time, when ever that may be..
this is a pic of my moms garden before the storm killed it!! ok 1/100th of her garden, it really is loverly!

these are pics of my very good friend Corie's newest additon, isn't he so cute!!!

love him already, Oh and as a side not she asked me to be the Godmom, have no idea what thaty intales, but sounds good to me. If anyone can give me some insight on this job that would be AWESOME!

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