Tuesday, April 17, 2007

if you think I am cute now....

Look at me then!!!
I just love this pic. it is another one of the many pics I found in the photo album I got from my mom. Most of the childhood photos i have of me have some aspect of them that I do not like, this to me is just a child enjoying being a child. I think my hair sort of looks like a chocolate sunday!!!
Happy Tuesday to all

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Bultsma Family said...

Hey new scrapbooking friend! I loved reading your blog...Val emailed me the link. You can check out ours at bultsmabunch.blogspot.com. Cute scrapbooking! I'm in a stampin' club too. We need to get together and share stuff. PS. Cricut cartridges are on sale at Michaels right now, just bought a new one. Bye!


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